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Qigong for Health and Healing

QiGong GroupEach month’s Qigong class will focus on one form, or be organized around one theme or subject. Each class will consist of three interrelated parts: ancient wisdom of week (Qigong as a lifestyle), dynamic Qigong (movement form) and integrative breathing-mind-body meditation (usually at the end). After Qigong warm-up, the dynamic forms may include three ways gathering Qi, Eight Pieces of Brocade, Six-Syllable Formula (Six-Healing Sounds), Five-Animal Play, Five-element Palm, Simplified Tai-Chi 24 form, Mind-body exercises for pain management, Stress Management w/ Qigong, Lowering Blood Pressure Qigong, Anti-depressant Qigong, Qigong for Longevity, Taiji Five-Element Qigong, and more.  

Following are the planned classes or themes in following months:

July 2015: Guo-lin New Qigong (Walking Qigong)

August 2015: Longevity Qigong (including in-bed exercise for health)

September 2015:  Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong

FAQ's About Qigong  


University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute
Conference Center on the Terrace Level
2200 Kernan Drive
Baltimore, MD 21207

Day & Time

Wednesdays: 5:30pm - 6:45pm


• $12 per session – paid at the first Wednesday of each month (that will be $35 for the month with three classes, and $45 for the month with 4 classes) OR
• $90 - $100 for three months (depends on number of classes in those months)
• 15 - 20% discount applied for UM Rehabilitation & Orthopedic Institute/UMB employees, students, and seniors (60+). The 20% discount is also applied to those who have attended the Qigong classes over a year.


Registration & Additional Information

Qigong Flyer   

Connect with us at - join us for an open discussion and Q&A in this online community!

Please download the registration form HERE, fill it out, and sign it. Bring the signed registration form to the class. You need only register once, then pay for the classes each month (or every three months).

Your can pay by check or cash at class on the first Wednesday of each month. Please make the check payable to “University of Maryland Integrative Medicine, LLC.”  


Kevin Chen - teaching


Kevin W Chen, PhD, MPH 
Phone:  410-706-6166