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Yoga Classes

yoga pose 


Bonnie Tarantino, MFA can be reached directly at 410-274-7079 for additional information regarding yoga classes or reiki training.

What is Prana Yoga?


For those of you new to Prana Yoga, "prana" means life force, often referred to in other cultures "chi" of "ki". The word "yoga" means union. The awareness of the two in a yoga class helps bring the body and mind to a place where it is possible to experience the subtle flow of energy through and around the body. The use of yoga postures, breathing and sound help to create an intense and meditative experience, which will reduce stress and allow the body to feel strong and restored.

Bonnie Tarantino is a certified Prana yoga instructor through the Open Center in Manhattan. She has practiced yoga for the last ten years and is a Reiki Master. She serves as the Director of Yoga Programs for The Center for Integrative Medicine through the University of Maryland.

What to Wear/Bring

  • Loose, comfortable clothing
  • Yoga mat or big beach towel
  • Water and shawl

Registration and additional information

Yoga Cottage

Call Bonnie Tarantino at 410-274-7079 for additional information.  

Registration Forms: MSWord or  PDF  

Reiki Training

Reiki Training is held throughout the year.

Please contact Bonnie Tarantino 410-274-7079 for more information.