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Marcos Y. Hsu, ND, LAc

marcos hsu

Licensed Acupuncturist
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Phone: 410-448-6361

Marcos Hsu is a Maryland State Board licensed acupuncturist and American Naturopathic Medical Board certified Naturopath. He was trained at the Chinese-Argentine Acupuncture Association where he received his first certification to practice oriental medicine in 1992. He was also trained at the Chinese-Argentine Chi-Kung Association where he was certified to practice Chinese physical training and therapy, such as Tai chi and Kung Fu. Marcos received further training in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the US and he has a BS in Kinesiology from University of Maryland. At the CFIM, Marcos has been involved as the acupuncturist in the osteoarthritis research trials. Marcos currently offers TCM care to patients at the Center for Integrative Medicine.